Our team of qualified technicians will come on site and evaluate the dynamic coefficient of friction of your floors and walkways utilizing the BOT3000E- a sophisticated tool that complies with ANSI/TCNA A137.1 and ANSI/TCNA A326.3 for dynamic coefficient of friction measurements.  Once the report and test parameters are recorded and printed, we can determine if your surfaces meet OSHA and A.D.A standards for safe walkway use.
If friction levels are deemed low, we will offer a free non-slip treatment demo on a small surface area and then retest levels and compare the before & after readings from the BOT3000E.  At that time, we are happy to provide a SlipGuard treatment plan that meets your needs and promotes floor safety.

*All BOT3000E data and reports are protected and secured
*The analytical data adheres to the Daubert Principle, which means it holds up in a court of law and strengthens courtroom credibility